No. 209 Extra Open Time Glue Sticks

No. 209 Extra Open Time Glue Sticks (20 Pack)

These 10” glue sticks provide more open time to position materials (approximately 3 minutes). They are helpful to position starter boards for installation of hardwood flooring, or for gluing long trim pieces. Includes 20 sticks and comes in a self-closing bag for storage. Sticks are standard 7/16” diameter for use in a wide variety of glue guns. For best results, apply using a high temperature glue gun operating at 350°- 390°F, such as the Crain No. 207. Apply in small dollops rather than thin lines to preserve heat. Melted glue temperatures are very hot, up to 400°F. Users should avoid contact and keep out of reach of children. Net weight: 1 lb.