No. 380 Deluxe Dividers

These dividers have a forged steel bent leg with sharpened point and an adaptable straight leg for marking with either a scriber needle or with ink. They have up to a 14″ span. The bent leg allows easier scribing along walls. The adaptable straight leg holds either a scriber leg with replaceable needle (No. 129) or a replaceable inking leg (No. 1380-P). The two large steel thumb knobs are knurled for easy tightening. The needle is held on the scriber leg with a knurled steel tightening cap. Net weight: 4 oz.

No. 382 Double-Needle Dividers

These dividers are designed for the scribing needs of sheet vinyl installers. The rounded body fits comfortably in the user’s hand. Includes a bent leg and a removable straight leg that can span up to six inches. Legs are adjusted using the folding thumbscrew. The bent leg offsets the tool from the wall for easier wall scribing. The straight leg can be removed and used for pencil scribing using the knurled steel thumb nut. Both legs have knurled steel caps to hold replacement needles (No. 129). Net weight: 2 oz.

No. 310 Dividers

These double-needle dividers have a rounded radius arm for adjusting the distance between the legs, and a large wing nut for holding the legs in position. The legs span from ½” to 6″ apart. The rounded arm provides smooth adjustment and solid hold. The needles on both legs are replaceable (No. 311). Comes with two needles in the tool, and two separate replacement needles. Replacement needles are held in the legs by a precision press fit. Net weight: 6 ½ oz.

No. 311 Divider Replacement Pins (2)

This is a pack of two replacement needles for the No. 310 Dividers. These needles are approximately 7/8” long, 0.060″ in diameter, and have a sharp point for scribing. These needles press fit into precisely formed holes in either leg of the No. 310 Dividers. Net weight: .01 lb.

No. 129 .063″ x 7/8″ Scriber Needles (50)

The No. 129 needles are a pack of 50 replacement needles which can be used on most all Crain dividers and scribers except the No. 194 Outside Corner Scriber. They are .063″ in diameter, 7/8” In length, and have a sharp point. These needles can be used on the following Crain dividers and scribers: No. 109 Pin Vise, No. 110 Inside Cove Corner Kit, No. 111 6″ Scriber, No. 112 8″ Scriber, No. 188 Hinge Scriber, No. 240 Bar Scriber, No. 355 Bent-Leg Lino Divider, No. 380 Deluxe Dividers, No. 382 Double Needle Dividers. Net weight: 1 oz. per pack.