No. 157 Molding Lifter

This steel pry bar is designed to get behind wood base and moldings and pry them off with a minimum of damage. Both the rocker and flat ends have slim, wide-profile prying surfaces that are polished smooth for safer insertion. Both ends have sharp, beveled nail slots with internal webbing shaped especially for taking up small headed nails, brads, and staples that are often used on moldings. Made from forged and hardened steel and nickel plated. Net weight: 8 oz.

No. 159 Vaughan Superbar

The Vaughan 15″ Superbar is the classic heavy-duty pry bar. Features a fully rounded “shepherd’s crook” rocker end for maximum prying power, and a flat end for getting under nails and scraping. Includes three beveled nail slots. Both ends are polished for insertion behind moldings and base when used as a molding lifter. Net weight: 24 oz.