No. 336 Undercut Saw

This hand undercutting saw has a heavy-duty wood handle, steel bracket, and replaceable 12″ blade. The trapezoidal high carbon steel blade includes a row of 10 point teeth on both sides. The saw includes a front knob for working with both hands to increase cutting power. Good for undercutting wood door jambs by hand. Replacement blade: No. 335. Net weight: 1 lb.

No. 335 Undercut Saw Blade

Replacement blade for the No. 336 Undercut Saw for hand undercutting of wood door jambs. Blade includes studs for mounting onto the bracket of the No. 336 Undercut Saw. Trapezoidal in shape for clearance. Includes a 12″ row of 10-point teeth on both sides. Made from high carbon steel for good blade life. Net weight: 8 oz.

No. 339 Flex Undercut Repl. Blade

Replacement blade for the Crain No. 338 Flex Undercut Saw. This flexible blade bends at the floor for hand undercutting wood door jambs. Both sides of the blade have a nine inch double row of staggered, ultra-fine induction hardened teeth that make for easier starts, fast cutting action, and smooth results. Includes one replacement blade only. No handle is included with this blade. Net weight: 4.5 oz.