No. 564 Variable Wall Spacer

This variable wall spacer is used to space planks from the wall to form the expansion gap necessary with plank floor installations. It provides variable spacing when the wall adjacent to the planks is not straight. It operates with a large threaded pushrod that’s attached to an ergonomic twist knob. Additionally, the twist knob has a steel hex insert for use with a hex wrench for extra force. With the extra leverage, the tool can be used for pressing together the butt joints of end planks. The pressure pad has a rubber insert to prevent scratching of walls. Hex wrench not included. Net weight: 8 oz.

No. 562 Plastic Spacers (10)

These plastic wall spacers maintain the necessary expansion gap between the adjacent wall and the plank flooring material even when the wall is undercut, as is commonly the case. Their V-shape permits one end to be placed in the gap and the opposite end to be braced against the face of the plank, eliminating the tipping problems with other spacers. The two ends have different thicknesses, one at 3/16” and the other at 1/4“, for various manufacturer’s specifications. Comes in a pack of 10 spacers. Net weight: 5 oz.