No. 565 18′ Strap Clamp

This clamp pulls planks together across lengths of up to 18 feet. The nylon strap coils internally as the strap is retracted and stays out of the way. The long base hooks onto planks even under toe spaces. Includes large knob for rapid retraction after clamping is complete. Designed for wood installers and a real time saver! Net weight: 2.2 lbs.

No. 566 Strap Clamp Bullnose Adaptor

This adaptor to Crain No. 565 18’ Strap Clamps helps to hold bullnose in place as the glue dries, or to allow hands-free nailing. It slides onto the base of the clamp to create a large, radiused clamping surface that conforms to the shape of one inch bullnose material. The radiused surface is padded with felt to prevent scratching the bullnose. Place the radius against the bullnose, hook the strap on the opposite end, and tighten the strap to clamp. No. 565 Strap Clamp and No. 566 Strap Clamp Bullnose Adaptor are sold separately. Net weight: 4 oz.

No. 673 13″ Wood Cutter

The No. 673 13” Wood Cutter cuts plank floor materials up to ¾” thick, including a variety of solid hardwood, engineered wood, laminate, and LVT planks. The cutter includes wheels allowing it to be easily moved from a kneeling position. The movable fence positions planks for straight or 45° diagonal cuts at different areas beneath the 13” blade for extra blade life. Also includes a cut guide that fastens on the fence for repeat cuts, and a ruler for making cuts of a certain length. Maximum material hardness to be cut: 1290 Janka (see instructions for further details). Replacement blades: No. 674 Wood Cutter Blade. Net weight: 25.7 lbs.

No. 679 9″ Wood Cutter

Cuts plank flooring up to 3/4″ thick, including a variety of solid hardwood, engineered wood, laminate and LVT planks. Maximum plank width for cutting is 9″. Features a moveable fence to position the material on either side of the blade for increased blade life. Maximum plank hardness: 1290 Janka scale (see instructions for further details). Replacement blade: No. 681 9″ Wood Cutter Blade. Net weight: 19.4 lbs.

No. 855 Wood Miter

The wood miter makes fast angle cuts in wood quarter round, eliminating the need for a chop saw. The stout 2 ½” long high carbon steel blade is strong enough and sharp enough to shear cut wood materials cleanly. The table includes a gauge for cutting straight, 22.5°, or 45° angles. The 22.5° angle gauge is used for making a “soft corner” shape, while the 45° angle is used to make square corners. The extra-long vinyl-coated handles provide adequate leverage for cutting. Blade is replaceable (No. 856). Net weight: 14 oz.

No. 856 Wood Mitre Replacement Blade

Includes one each replacement blade for the Crain No. 855 Wood Mitre used to make angle cuts in wood quarter round. This stout, 2 ½” long blade is sharp enough and strong enough to shear cut wood materials cleanly. Made from high carbon steel for long life. Net weight: 1 oz.

No. 285 Personna LVT/LVP Knife

The 45° blade angle of this knife is optimal for scoring and breaking rigid core LVP/LVT. The wide beveled edge on these blades score the plank smoothly and reduce resistance. The elevated handle provides knuckle clearance. Extra blades are stored in the handle. Comes with 10 blades. Blades: No. 286C or No. 287. Net weight 9.3 oz.

No. 288 Hook Handle LVP Scoring Knife

This knife takes Accutec® LVT/LVP Blades (Crain Nos. 286C & 287) which have a wide bevel for scoring LVP and LVT. The long blade carrier provides knuckle clearance, while the thick body and hook handle produce a lot of pressure and pulling power. The blade clamp has a reversible insert that allows use with utility blades, standard hook blades, and even Crain No. 321 Hook Blades, which at one time were popular for cutting thick linoleum and vinyl. Blades can be stored in the handle.

No. 576 LVP Angle Tapping Block

Lifts the LVP plank to the angle where it can be tapped and locked tight. Large upper plastic block contacts just below the face of the plank, while a lower plastic contact plate slides out to contact the core. Comes with three 1mm shims and two 3mm shims. Works on planks and tiles up to 10mm thick. Extra shims sold separately for thicker LVP/LVT. Extra contact plates also sold separately. Net weight: 1.84 lb.

No. 569 11 3/4” Tapping Block

This 11 3/4” long tapping block is machined from 3/4” thick solid plastic. It is used along with a hammer to tap the sides or ends of the boards together to eliminate gaps. The bottom edge is relieved on one side and one end. The relieved bottom edge is placed over the tongue of the board to be tapped. In this position, the body of the tool contacts squarely against the outer edge of the board, reducing the risk of damage. The long “U-shaped” handle provides better control against undesirable rotation when the block is hammered towards the end, as is commonly required. Dimensions: 3″ wide x 11 3/4” long x 3/4” thick. Net weight: 1 lb.

No. 563 Tapping Block

This plastic block for tapping and moving planks transmits force from a hammer or mallet in a manner that protects the edges of the plank. The block is sized at 3″ wide x 7″ long x 3/4” thick. The bottom surface has relieved edges on one side and one end. When the block is placed on a plank at its relieved edge, it can tap the plank against its outer edge to reduce the risk of chipping the corner. The large plastic handle mounted on top makes it easy to move and position the block. Net weight: 9 oz.

No. 560 Knuckle Head Pull Bar

This steel pull bar is designed to take heavy hammering when necessary to pull planks together. It has a boxed “knuckle-shaped” hammering head that is welded to the body. The 3/16” thick body is made 3″ wide to reduce bending down the length as it is hammered. The tool is 16 1/2” long overall to create 14 1/2” of working room when used near the wall. Felt pads on its bottom surface reduce scratching the face of the plank. Net weight: 3 1/4 lbs.

No. 564 Variable Wall Spacer

This variable wall spacer is used to space planks from the wall to form the expansion gap necessary with plank floor installations. It provides variable spacing when the wall adjacent to the planks is not straight. It operates with a large threaded pushrod that’s attached to an ergonomic twist knob. Additionally, the twist knob has a steel hex insert for use with a hex wrench for extra force. With the extra leverage, the tool can be used for pressing together the butt joints of end planks. The pressure pad has a rubber insert to prevent scratching of walls. Hex wrench not included. Net weight: 8 oz.

No. 562 Plastic Spacers (10)

These plastic wall spacers maintain the necessary expansion gap between the adjacent wall and the plank flooring material even when the wall is undercut, as is commonly the case. Their V-shape permits one end to be placed in the gap and the opposite end to be braced against the face of the plank, eliminating the tipping problems with other spacers. The two ends have different thicknesses, one at 3/16” and the other at 1/4“, for various manufacturer’s specifications. Comes in a pack of 10 spacers. Net weight: 5 oz.

No. 553 Engineered Wood Stapling Tool

This adjustable stapling tool works close to walls and adjusts to a wide variety of engineered plank thicknesses. It staples close to the wall to reduce gluing or top nailing and puttying work. Generally works to within the width of one board from the wall. Adjusts to different plank thicknesses from 3/8” to 3/4” in two easy steps. Place the tool’s back foot on the subfloor and the stapling nose on the tongue. Drop the adjustable front foot plate onto the top surface of the plank and tighten. Insert a staple in the channel and hammer it into the subfloor using the unique offset driver. Takes 18 gauge (1/4” crown) staples. The tool includes a staple separator for separating individual staples. Net weight 2 lbs.