No. 576 LVP Angle Tapping Block

Lifts the LVP plank to the angle where it can be tapped and locked tight. Large upper plastic block contacts just below the face of the plank, while a lower plastic contact plate slides out to contact the core. Comes with three 1mm shims and two 3mm shims. Works on planks and tiles up to 10mm thick. Extra shims sold separately for thicker LVP/LVT. Extra contact plates also sold separately. Net weight: 1.84 lb.

No. 569 11 3/4” Tapping Block

This 11 3/4” long tapping block is machined from 3/4” thick solid plastic. It is used along with a hammer to tap the sides or ends of the boards together to eliminate gaps. The bottom edge is relieved on one side and one end. The relieved bottom edge is placed over the tongue of the board to be tapped. In this position, the body of the tool contacts squarely against the outer edge of the board, reducing the risk of damage. The long “U-shaped” handle provides better control against undesirable rotation when the block is hammered towards the end, as is commonly required. Dimensions: 3″ wide x 11 3/4” long x 3/4” thick. Net weight: 1 lb.

No. 563 Tapping Block

This plastic block for tapping and moving planks transmits force from a hammer or mallet in a manner that protects the edges of the plank. The block is sized at 3″ wide x 7″ long x 3/4” thick. The bottom surface has relieved edges on one side and one end. When the block is placed on a plank at its relieved edge, it can tap the plank against its outer edge to reduce the risk of chipping the corner. The large plastic handle mounted on top makes it easy to move and position the block. Net weight: 9 oz.

No. 560 Knuckle Head Pull Bar

This steel pull bar is designed to take heavy hammering when necessary to pull planks together. It has a boxed “knuckle-shaped” hammering head that is welded to the body. The 3/16” thick body is made 3″ wide to reduce bending down the length as it is hammered. The tool is 16 1/2” long overall to create 14 1/2” of working room when used near the wall. Felt pads on its bottom surface reduce scratching the face of the plank. Net weight: 3 1/4 lbs.