No. 950 Professional Installers Tool Kit

This kit provides the basic tools of carpet installation, at a price that saves money. The kit includes: No. 024 Rolling 24″ Tool Box, No. 505 Knee Kicker, No. 245 Deluxe Carpet Trimmer, No. 301 Cushion Back Cutter, No. 450 Deluxe Strip Cutter, No. 354 Tool Pouch, No. 135 Keson Chalk Box, No. 080 8 oz. White Chalk, No. 145 Seam Adhesive Bottle, No. 726 Pivoting Carpet Knife, No. 189 Hook Handle Utility Knife, No. 157 Molding Lifter, No. 332 Economy Hammer, No. 152B Cushion Stair Tool, and No. 187 Big-Loop Nap Shears. Net weight: 29 lbs.