No. 174 Instant Repair Tool

This tool cuts a three inch diameter circle for removing stained areas from a carpet. Four blades mount on the body to make clean cuts. The sharp central pivot pin is spring-loaded to adjust automatically to different thicknesses of carpet. The solid aluminum body includes finger contours for gripping. Includes plastic cap to protect the body and pin in storage. Blades: 1174-A Net weight: 2 oz.

No. 515 Mini-Stretcher with Seam Repair Attachment

The Mini Stretcher is great for pattern matching, fast restretching without tubes, and seam repair. Features include stretch-lock button, two fully pivotable gripper heads, open top wall blade for fast tucking, and carrying case. Gripper heads and wall blade are quickly connected onto either end using the push-button lock pins. Tall seam repair legs that create a 9″ high by 10″ wide work area to run an iron beneath are sold separately (No. 519).

No. 519 Tall Seam Repair Legs

Includes two tall seam repair legs only for Crain No. 515 Mini-Stretcher. They create a 9” high by 10” wide working area to run a seaming iron beneath the stretcher. Each leg includes a quick release pin for connection to the stretcher and holes for fastening to the pin plate assembly. Stretcher and pin plate assemblies are sold separately.