No. 436 Straight Axle Roller

This roller has a solid axle with ten steel star rollers. The star wheels press the carpet’s backing into the hot melt adhesive. The steel bracket is welded onto the handle stem and plated. Rounded handle fits well in the palm of the hand, and is made of impact-resistant plastic for durability. Roller width: 4″. Net weight: 14 oz.

No. 435 Flex Axle Roller

The flex axle roller is made with two pivoting axles. Mounted on each axle are seven steel star rollers (14 total). As the roller is moved forward and backward, the axles pivot outwardly then inwardly. This action mixes the carpet fibers and pulls the seam edges closer together for less visible seams. The star wheels press the carpet’s backing into the hot melt adhesive. Roller area width is 4″ total. Net weight: 10 oz.

No. 438 6″ Pro Roller

The solid axle of the Pro Roller spans six inches wide and has 18 steel star wheel rollers. It ensures adequate pressure across the seam area even when used on wide 6″ tape. The steel axle and handle stem are welded and plated for durability. The hard plastic handle is rounded to fit well in the palm of the hand. Roller width: 6″. Net weight: 14 oz.

No. 437 Big Foot Roller

The bigfoot roller is made with three wide ribbed roller sections. The wide surface area on the ribbed surfaces prevents yarns from being snagged, protecting the yarns of delicate carpet fibers better than star wheels. The ribs also provide concentrated pressure to force the carpet’s backing into the hot melt adhesive. This is the best seam roller for fine denier saxony, plush, and velvet carpets. Roller width: 5 5/8“. Net weight: 15 oz.

No. 476 Carpet Tractor

The carpet tractor has three 2 ½” wide rows of star wheels mounted on a durable steel body with a wide, rounded top surface. The tool produces pressure on the seam to press the carpet’s backing into the adhesive. The three rows of star wheels mix the yarns of the carpet near the seam to reduce visibility. The body shape is optimal for applying hand pressure, and is finished with durable hammertone paint for good grip. Includes 36 total star wheels on three 2 ½” straight axles. Net weight: 2 lbs.