No. 124 60″ Carpet Cart

This cart has a full-sized 20 inch wide x 60 inch long bed that provides extra support for long and heavy rolls up to 1000 lbs. The tubular steel frame is reinforced with central steel plates for added durability. Four eyelets are provided for tying down the load. The large diameter 16″ pneumatic tubed tires are tall and wide enough to roll up curbs or across gravel. Assembled size: length 60 inches, width 20 inches, height 18 inches. Weight capacity 1,000 lbs. Cart net weight: 42 lbs.

No. 455 Strip Saver Bag

This heavy-duty cloth bag slips over standard-sized four foot long tackless strip boxes. The bag helps prevent the boxes from tearing and breaking open, keeping the tack strip protected and properly stored. The reinforced end panel with heavy-duty zipper and double-stitched handle increase durability. Projects a professional image and improves efficiency by keeping the strip organized. Net weight: 1 1/2 lbs.

No. 024 Rolling 24″ Tool Box

This fully-featured yet lightweight 24″ toolbox is made from advanced “structural foam” materials. The thick walls are very durable but weigh a lot less. The box rolls level with the ground thanks to a long, top-mounted pull handle that can be conveniently pulled along while walking. The inner tray has features that assist in carpet seaming, including a series of angled recesses which allow steam to escape while also evenly pressuring the seam. Includes a folding, recessed top carrying handle, and integral side handles for lifting with both hands. Case has three latches and a central hasp for locking. Net weight: 16 lbs.