No. 356 Carbide Hole Saw

This tungsten carbide hole saw works with a drill (not included) to cut clean 1 3/8” holes for pipe clearance. Works well on ceramic and soft-bodied quarry tile. The replaceable 1/4” masonry bit holds a center. An internal spring ejects the cut piece cut. Net weight: 10 oz.

No. 046 Replacement Carbide Wheel

The No. 046 is a replacement carbide wheel for the Crain No. 045 Super Quarry Tile Cutter only. It will not fit on other Crain tile cutters. It is 7/8” diameter x .080″ thick with a .260″ diameter center hole. No fasteners are included with this carbide wheel. Net weight: 1 oz.

No. 400 ½” Carbide Wheel

The No. 400 is a replacement carbide wheel for Crain Nos. 030, 031, 032X, and 033X Ceramic Tile Cutters. It is approximately 1/2” in diameter x .075″ thick with a 1/4” diameter center hole Replacement fasteners including a steel bushing, washer, screw and lock nut are included with this carbide wheel. Net weight: 1 oz.

No. 081 10” RemGrit® Hacksaw Blade

RemGrit® hacksaw blades are made by bonding carbide to a 10″ steel rod that fits most hacksaw frames. In a hacksaw, they can cut curves and straight lines in ceramic tile, brick, or marble, and can work in tight areas. Cuts equally well on both outward and inward strokes the saw. Hacksaw not included. Net weight: 1/2 oz.

No. 684 Extension Cord

This 25 foot long 16 gauge 3 conductor grounded extension cord is constructed for use with power tools indoors or outdoors. Rated for usage up to 13 AMPs at 125 volts. Plug and receptacle are molded on the cordage for durability. Net weight: 2 lbs.

No. 401 6-in-1 Screwdriver

This screwdriver converts between the four most needed Phillips and slotted screwdriving tips, and provides two nutdriver sockets as well. Includes #1 and #2 Phillips tips, 3/16” and 5/16” slotted tips, and 1/4” and 5/16” nutdrivers. Made with high-impact plastic ribbed handle for sure grip, and heat-treated alloy steel socketed drive shaft. Net weight: 5 oz.